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The following are basic charges for making the kilt.You can provide the tartan yourself, or I can source it for you and you would pay the cost of the tartan. Most of the tartans are $40 to $80 per yard,rare and old tartans may be more.I will provide an image of the tartan and the cost before you make a decision.

All of my kilts are hand made, 100% hand stitched by me, so you will be dealing with the person who actually makes your kilt.


Traditional knife pleat “8 yard” kilt,   labour $375 plus $25 for canvas,lining,buckles, plus cost of tartan tartan

Box pleated kilt, 4 – 5 yards,  labour $300 plus materials plus tartan

Casual kilt, 4 – 5 yards, $275 labour, plus materials, plus tartan.

Ladies 6 – 7 yard kilt, knife or box pleat,  $280 labour, plus materials plus tartan

Hostess box pleat kilted skirt, $280 labour plus material, plus tartan

Materials which include straps,canvas support,buckles,lining $25.

Prices are for kilts up to size  46″ hip, add $50.00 for over 48″ hip.

Please cal for prices for a childs kilt, if you have your own material contact me and I will give you a price to make the kilt. The children’s kilts are made so they can be altered and extend the life of the kilt.


Moving buckles

Hemming a kilt

I have done numerous alterations/renovations to kilts in order to save them from the  rag bin. Please call to discuss the state your kilt is in.




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