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Grey Tartan Utility Kilt

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Utility Kilt in Tartan -The pockets are lined so that the sharp stuff we cram in them doesn’t poke thru. -The flap of the pockets are strengthened for the snaps. -The belts have a sandwhich of tartan with cotton in middle to strengthen them. -The material is aprox 50/50 wool and acrylic. Aprox wt 13 oz.

Mens Modern Kilt -Waist size- measure over top of your pants at your belt loops. Most people wear the modern kilt in the same place that you do your pants. Measuring over your pants gives you a little room to move in your kilt. The size listed is the max size of the kilt, you tighten your belt to get a smaller fit just like a pair of pants, the kilt has no adjustment.

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