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Full Mask Sporran

Very traditional Head Sporran in Musquash (Muskrat)fur. The full mask or head on sporran is the oldest form of sporran, they have been used for 100s of years. The pelts of wild animals would be used when the animals were captured for food, that way none of the animal was wasted. Today we still use this age old style of sporran, mainly for dress occasions. Some Highland Military Regiments also use full mask sporrans as part of their dress uniform. This model of full mask sporran uses black muskrat. Muskrat is a luxurious fur that stands up well to use.
Includes sporran chain.

Other Full Mask Sporrans available at various prices.Please call for more information.



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small (32-36"), medium (32-42"), large (34-46"), XL (42-51"), XXL (48-58")

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