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The origin of the sporran goes hand in hand with the traditional highland kilt, since the attire didn’t come with the convenience of pockets a leather pouch became a useful means of keeping together all those valuable items such as money, food, musket balls,orĀ  a small amount of spirituous liquor. Early sporrans would have been worn suspended from the belt on one or other of the hips, rather than hung from a separate strap in front of the wearer. The opening of the sporran (the cantle) was hinged and fastened at the top and this was secured to the sporran by leather thongs. These are represented by the leather tassels & chains, which can be seen in the modern sporran design. Sporrans generally fall into three categories: Day wear sporrans, which are generally of leather and are worn as informal dress or hunting, dress sporrans, which have a metal cantle and are made from sealskin, musquash, rabbit, badger etc and are purely for formal occasions, and semi dress sporrans which are designed to be a compromise of the two. The Sporran should be worn about one hand width from the top of the kilt.




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