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#1 RULE…NOT YOUR PANTS SIZE!!! Pants are mismaked to get you to buy their product, so you must measure to get correct sizing.

#2 Kilts are sized differently, some are mismarked! do not order a size from a different kilt!

You must measure to get a good fit. Keep in mind the instructions for each kilts style. some the adjustment goes up from the size shown, some down.


Mens Modern Kilt -Waist size- measure over top of your pants at your belt loops. We wear the modern kilt in the same place that you do your pants. Measuring over your pants gives you a little room to move in your kilt. The size listed is the max size of the kilt, you tighten your belt to get a smaller fit just like a pair of pants, the kilt has no adjustment. -Length- kneeling measure at your side from the top of your pants to the floor. This puts the kilt a little below the knees. This helps prevent you from blinding someone when you sit down. You can of course wear your modern kilt at a traditional length, which means standing measure from the top of the pants to the middle or top of the knee.

Women’s Modern Kilt & Skilt -Waist size on a woman this depends on your body shape. Someone with an hour glass shape you will want to wear the modern kilt about where you do a pair of hip hugger jeans. If you have a straighter body or maybe a little tummy wearing it higher will work better. We want the kilt to make you look better, so keep that in mind. If you have a skirt laying around (a towel will do) try it at different levels and look at yourself in the mirror. -the women’s kilt has 2″ of adjustment ment. The size listed is the smallest size it can be adjusted to. So if you measure 33, buy a 32 and you will have an inch adjustment up and down. -Length there are no rules for this, I of course vote for the “cheeky” length lol. Seriously, get that skirt out again. Keep in mind your rear view might actually be a “rear” view if you get it too short. Our stock length is 18″ and fits most women.

When in doubt, make your best guess and buy an instock size, then you can exchange it if you like.

Traditional Kilt (everyone) -Waist size-Measure at you belly button. DO NOT suck it in. We don’t care what this number is (tear the tag out if you like) we just want it to fit you good) If you have a round belly and it shakes like a bowl full of jelly we want to wear the kilt a little above your biggest point, that will keep it from falling down all the time. -Length-have someone help you, measure straight down from the belly button to the the middle or top of the knee (wearers preference) Ladys, if you aren’t in a pipe band you can wear your kilt a little shorter or longer without fear of a visit from the kilt police.




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