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Along with St. Patrick, St. Bridget is one of Ireland’s most revered saints. Bridget founded a monastry in Co. Kildare in around the year 480 and she is also credited with founding a school of art  which included metalwork and illumination.

One of the most commonly told stories about Brigid is of her asking the King of Leinster for land. The king laughed and refused, she smiled and said “will you give me as much land as my cloak will cover”? The king, thinking he would get rid of her, agreed. The cloak was spread to on the ground facing the four points of the compass and it began to spread and cover the land. In fear of losing all his land the king agreed to give her a descent plot of land and he eventually converted to Christianity.

The cross named after the saint is said to have been made as she visited the deathbed of either her father or a local lord. Praying beside the bed the floor was strewn with rushes, as was the tradition at the time, and she picked up some rushes and formed the cross.

The St. Bridget’s Cross has four arms tied at the ends of a woven middle square. The crosses are still made today by school children all across Ireland on her feastday, which is February 01. They are set over doorways and windows to keep homes from harm. It is given as a symbol of protection and love.

This sterling silver cross is a true representation of the original and is also available in gold.

Weight: 2.2gms approx.

Width: 23mm / Height: 23mm approx.

Includes 18″ Spiga chain

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