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A much loved jewelry piece for both men and women, the Celtic Cross is worn as a symbol of faith or as a fashion piece and remains a classic favourite for all ages. Celtic Crosses dot our landscape, the earliest of which were inscribed onto rock or created in wood.  Legend has it that the Celtic Cross, with its unique circle, was created by St. Patrick who combined the pagan circle symbolising the sun with the traditional cross in order to convert pagans to Christianity.

Celtic knots come in a variety of designs and were used for decoration in the insular art of the period. They are most well known for their use in the ornamentation of Christian monuments and manuscripts such as the 8th-century Book of Kells. Although no one is certain, Celtic knot work is believed to be symbolic of the neve ending life cycle, the constance of love, the cycle of life and the constant changing of the seasons in nature.

This Celtic cross has an intricate knot pattern and is completed with classic sun circle.

Weight: 2gms approx.

Width: 19.3mm / Height: 27.3mm approx.

Includes 18″ Spiga chain

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