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Our jewel serpent plaid brooches have intricate open weave design allowing the tartan of the wearer’s plaid to be seen through the brooch. The jewels are made from 100% real glass. The backs of our plaid brooches are fitted with robust, solid brass swivel locks which are made specifically for fine jewellery; this makes the pins much more durable. The Brooch is 8cm in diameter, the stone is approximately 2.5cm. The Jewel Serpent Plaid Brooch is available in three metal finishes: Chrome and Antique  with a choice of the following six jewel colours:                            1. Emerald Green 2. Ruby Red 3. Sapphire Blue 4. Cairngorm Amber 5. Amethyst Purple 6. Silver Black

Manufactured from chrome plated zinc

Matching sporran, kilt pin, sgian dubh and belt buckle available



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Amethyst, blue, Caringorm, green, purple, red, silver black