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“Tartan is a symbol of kinship and belonging, internationally recognized as an integral part of the character of Scotland.  Tartan tells a story of the past, the land and the people.” TARTAN SELECTION Many people proudly wear the tartan that represents their ancestry and family history. You may want to research your family background, related clan or district.  I can help you with that.   You may choose a tartan just because you like it.  Unless it is a military tartan or a personal tartan, any tartan is available to anyone. There are hundreds of tartans to choose from in a number of varieties: Clan and family tartans. District/area tartans – Many cities, states, provinces and countries, both Scotland and around the world have distinctive tartans. Organizations – military units, sporting organizations and  even corporations have tartans. Irish tartans have become available and there are many beautiful ones to choose from.

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