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If you wish to make your own kilt, I can help you research and order the the tartan you need. I deal with only the best mills in the UK and can give you a quote for any Scottish, Irish or Welsh tartan.Just send me a message or give me a call and I would be happy to help you with the making of your kilt.

Tartan is woven in three common weights, 16oz,13oz and 10oz.There is also a regimental weight tartan that is 17-18 oz. The weight refers to a piece of tartan 1 yard by 54 inches.


There are also many tartans representing Countries and Provinces, such as the Maple Leaf Tartan shown above.
The Maple Leaf Tartan was created in 1964 by David Weiser in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of Canada’s confederation in 1967. It was designed to be worn by Canadians from all backgrounds regardless of their ancestry, as a symbol of national pride.
The colours of the maple leaf through the changing seasons became the basis for the design. The pattern incorporates the green of the leaves’ summer foliage, the gold which first appears in the early autumn, the red which appears with the coming of the first frost, and the brown tones of the fallen leaves. The design proved to be very popular throughout Canada.
The Maple Leaf Tartan has been recognized for decades as Canada’s unofficial national tartan. It was made an official national symbol by ministerial declaration on March 9, 2011. The Maple Leaf Tartan is closely associated with other existing official national symbols such as the maple leaf and the maple tree. The maple leaf is the recognized symbol of Canada throughout the world.