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Firefighter Kilt Buckle Chrome, Gold Gilt or Red


There is a popular story concerning the connection between the Knights of Malta and fire fighters: The Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem (later known as the Knights of Malta) fought in the First Crusade against the Saracen. The Saracen used a novel and terrifying weapon consisting of glass containers full of a flammable mixture of naphtha. During a siege by the Crusaders, the Saracen would throw these onto the besiegers which would saturate them with this highly flammable liquid, at which time the Saracen would throw a torch into the midst of the Crusaders, setting them on fire. The Knights of St. John took it upon themselves to pull the Crusaders to safety, put out their flames and treat their injuries. Because of their selfless heroics, the Maltese cross has come to symbolize a willingness and commitment to brave danger in order to rescue others from a fiery death.

A modified form of the Maltese Cross has been adopted by virtually all Firefighters of the United States and Canada and is used by the International Association of Fire Fighters. This cross resembles the original Maltese cross with its eight outer points but has been modified by the inclusion of a central circle and bending out the V-shape between these points to follow the shape of the inner circle.

To a Fire Fighter the points stand for:

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gold, plain chrome, red

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