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100% Cotton Calico Kilt Shirt

The Jacobite “Culloden” shirt first became known prior to the Battle of Culloden (1746). The garment has truly established its place in the highlandwear clothing market and few would disagree that their kilt outfit would be incomplete without a Jacobite Culloden Shirt. This range of Jacobite shirts are created using the best quality fabrics, the use of genuine 3mm square butt leather thonging, a strong durable button which ensures lasting wearability and eyelets that are non-corrosive and will hold their colour even after many washes   Fabric: 100% Cotton Calico * The original cloth used to make the earliest shirts were made in a calico cotton, the original fabric is still produced in Calicut, India, to this day. It is a basic fabric that is processed with the whole cotton, fabric turns to an overall colour of cream.





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