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Recent years have seen the kilt become ever more popular and worn on a wider variety of occasions. It’s no longer just seen at Highland Games, wedding or worn by pipe bands. Now you’re as likely to see it at sporting events, in the High Street or while walking the hills. Such diverse uses have led in recent years to the development of new styles and types of kilts here at House of Edgar.

The Casual Kilt uses less material because the depth of the pleat is much less than it is with a traditional kilt.. With less fabric comes lower cost, and the lighter garment is ideal for activities where the weight of a full traditional kilt might be tiring. You won’t get quite the same swing, but to the non-expert eye the Casual kilt can be hard to tell apart from the Traditional version and for most occasions it can be a very acceptable alternative.

As kilts are made to order, a Measurement Chart must be submitted for each kilt order and a Kilt Specification Sheet submitted with the first kilt order. Otherwise our standard specification is three buckles and straps (1.25″), belt loops, single fringe, 2″ rise and colour matched lining. Naturally, we only use cloths made from 100% Pure New Wool.

Casual Clan, district and Irish
Growing in popularity, these traditional style kilts can be made to measure in any of our Clan, District and Irish County tartans with a tuck-in selvedge.
All these kilts are made to order, a measurement chart must be submitted fopr each kilt order. The specification is 3 buckles and straps (1¼”), belt loops, single fringe,2″ rise, colour matched lining and Edgar label.

I would prefer to go over the measurements with you rather than using a drop down menu. Please contact me with the Tartan you would like, I will send you a measuring chart and go over the measurements with you.

House of Edgar Medium Weight Tartan

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