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Casual Kilt Light Weight

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The Casual Kilt  uses less material because the depth of the pleat is much less than it is with a traditional kilt.. With less fabric comes lower cost, and the lighter garment is ideal for activities where the weight of a full traditional kilt might be tiring. You won’t get quite the same swing,  but to the non-expert eye the Casual kilt can be hard to tell apart from the Traditional version and for most occasions it can be a very acceptable alternative.

The material used for this kilt is 10 ounces and is available in over 450 tartans. This kilt is a great starter kilt. Rise is always 2″ on Casual Kilts and they come with 3 leather buckles. I would prefer to go over the measurements with you rather than using a drop down menu. Please contact me with the Tartan you would like, I will send you a measuring chart and go over the measurements with you.

Locharron Light Weight Tartan


Manufactured by: Locharron


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up to 45", 46" to 54", over 54"

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